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Acquire an free Insights key to access the PREV (the Matrix), a tool the describes the tape for over 40 markets (Stocks, Bonds, Precious Metals, #Bitcoin, Commodities, etc.), bullish and bearish reversals, intermarket money flows that include sentiment model, term structure of the VIX futures market, and precious metals composite (PMC), Economic Activity Composite, and long term cycles, and Long Term Seasonal trends. The key also allows users to provide feedback in 2018.

Rising volatility is confusing both bulls and bears. This makes understanding the message of the market even more important. The message of the market, subtle and quiet in comparison to the thundering voices descending from the pulpit of opinions, is often hidden in plain sight by the daily distractions of life.

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A free temporary EDI key (password) will be issued to review and comment on the Matrix and special content. Keys issued will gauge demand and shape future content. The Matrix may be reintroduced on a weekly basis once 100-300 keys are issued. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Key are sent automatically, but can be blocked by spam filters. If you haven't received you key via email within 24 hours, try temporarily disabling your filter, or try another email. If that fails, contact me directly in the email printed on the blog banner.

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How Insight Key Works

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1. Posts

What If A Virtuous Cycles Creates Unbelievable Concentration?

As investment confidence in the US soars, existing trends defined by capital flows rather than 'fundamentals' could generate unexpected outcomes.

2. The PREV Matrix

3. Seasonal Trends