Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Trend From Cooperation to Separation Unfolding

While headlines focus on events such as independence votes for Scotland, Canada, BREXIT, GREXIT, Brazil, Texas, California, Catalonia referendum, they miss the broader trend from cooperation to separation engulfing the planet.  This trend will most likely break up the European Union, pressure the cohesion of the United States of America and all other political, economic, and social unions around the world.  This will continue as long as the global economy, the center of economic power, transitions from West (New York) to East (Shanghai).  Although Trump has done nothing to slow this trend, he's not the driver of it.  At some point the cycle will reverse as the people tire of division and support leaders that promote cooperation.

Headline: Brazilians in the south asked to vote on secession

Voters in the south of Brazil have been asked in an informal vote whether they want to be part of a new country.

The referendum was organised a week after a similar vote in Catalonia by a secessionist movement called "The South Is My Country".

The movement said it set up polls in more than 1,000 municipalities across the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and ParanĂ¡.



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