Friday, October 27, 2017

Outflows from Spain & Italy Have Trapped The ECB

Rajoy has clearly shown the world that Spain's fascists tendencies are not dead. Money, smarter than headline opinions, has been and will continue to flee Spain and it's fascist choices. Outflows from Spain and brewing troubles in Italy will either force European interest rates higher or continuation of the ECB's economic stimulus package, the European version of QE. Anyone not living under a rock recognized that unexpected weakness in the Euro and US Dollar Index has coincided with political events unfolding in Spain. An increasing number of member states cannot fund their spending programs (socialism) without ECB stimulus. The potential for an explosive event, one that triggers a contagion in European will rise substantial in 2018 as the economy contracts.

Headline: Spain’s Senate gives Madrid power to take over Catalonia after region declares independence

BREAKING: Spain’s Senate gives unprecedented powers to central government to take over Catalonia after region declares independence

BARCELONA — Lawmakers in Catalonia declared independence from Spain on Friday in a defiant move that has divided the breakaway region and sharply escalated a confrontation for control with Madrid.



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