Wednesday, September 6, 2017

US Must Accept A Nuclear North Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jung Un, a brutal dictator and blight on humanity, likely is not a madman. Kim wants what every dictator wants - power and control. His regime must endure to achieve that goal. North Korea's development of nuclear weapons is an extension of US's regime-change policies exhibited in Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Iraq, or other non-nuclear state. The lesson learned: States with nuclear weapons rarely see US intervention or attack. It’s highly unlikely he’s interested in starting a nuclear war that clearly has no winners in the 21st century.

Headline: The United States must accept a nuclear North Korea

After North Korea tested what it has claimed is a hydrogen bomb, global attention once more focused on Pyongyang’s seemingly relentless desire for nuclear capability. In response, President Trump has castigated Seoul for its “appeasement” of Pyongyang, while Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has threatened a “massive military response.” But successful de-escalation of the situation requires careful diplomacy, not knee-jerk military action.



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