Sunday, August 27, 2017

Growing 'Flexibility' of 4th Amendment Should Be Concern to Everyone

HJ RES 76 passed by Congress and signed into law by Pres Trump with very little attention from the media.

Buried deep within the bill is the following text:

“In performing its duties, the Commission, through its Board or designated employees or agents, may:Enter upon the WMATA Rail System and, upon reasonable notice and a finding by the chief executive officer that a need exists, upon any lands, waters, and premises adjacent to the WMATA Rail System, including, without limitation, property owned or occupied by the federal government, for the purpose of making inspections, investigations, examinations, and testing as the Commission may deem necessary to carry out the purposes of this MSC Compact, and such entry shall not be deemed a trespass.”

This new law grants the Commission the authority to enter property near the Metro Rail System “without limitation” for the purpose of “making inspections, investigations, examinations, and testing.”

If without limitation, means without warrant, this type of action clearly violates the Fourth Amendment, a right that protects Americans from unreasonable searches and seizures.

Only five of our representatives thought this was a bad idea. Kudos to Rep Justin Amash for at least recognizing the obvious.

Headline: H J RES 76

BILL TITLE: Granting the consent and approval of Congress for the Commonwealth of Virginia, the State of Maryland, and the District of Columbia to a enter into a compact relating to the establishment of the Washington Metrorail Satefy Commission



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