Saturday, May 6, 2017

Market Bet On Macron Could Be Met With Extreme Volatility

Smart money, not necessary 'smart' but at least skeptical, sees a decent amount of risk assumption Macron will easily defeat Le Penn. I'm no expert in French politics, but I do recognize the risk of believing polls when the world's citizens are totally irritated with establishment politics and politicians. Brexit and the unexpected rise of Trump favors an unexpected outcome, one that will never be foreseen by the mainstream media.

Headline: Markets bet on a Macron win in France

France won't choose its next president until Sunday. But investors have already picked their winner.

Market moves suggest that investors expect independent centrist Emmanuel Macron to triumph in the presidential runoff, an outcome that would remove the risk of France dropping the euro anytime soon.

Macron has for weeks maintained a commanding double-digit lead over far-right rival Marine Le Pen in the opinion polls.



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