Monday, May 8, 2017

France Votes To Maintain the Status Quo

France's election has maintained the status quo a little longer. Smart money recognizes that Macron's victory returns the reigns control over the EU to Brussels. France, regardless of election appearances, remains bitterly divided. Years of high unemployment, slow economic growth, rising inflation, and waning influence within the euro zone is generating a lot finger-pointing within the population. The rising discontent is dividing the nation. The risks of social disorder will rise from 2017 to 2020.  This will send the Euro and Dollar unexpected lower and higher.

Headline: As it happened: Pro-EU Macron wins key French presidential election

France's 47 million voters chose between radically different platforms: the free-trade, pro-EU policies of Macron's En Marche! (Forward!) party, and the protectionist nationalism of Le Pen's National Front.



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