Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Tighter Borders Can't Impede the Flow of Labor

While some are cheering a tighter borders, citing terrorism, the need to curtail drug traffic and flow of "bad guys" without citing their overall percentage of within the pool of immigration, they'll likely ignore the consequences of them as well. High tech industries from manufacturing, engineering, design, medical and research require global talent that pulls from the world's extensive labor pool. If access to labor is restricted, it will find somewhere else to call home. After that, everyone will be bitching that Wal-Mart is no longer hiring because high tech industries, compiled of mostly foreigners after industries leave the US, have made human employees and brick and mortar stores a dated concept. Basically, the trends are in place already, the more we resist rather than embrace them, the more labor will flow out of the United Sates. Getting the jobs to return home won't be so easy. But, what the hell, at least the borders are tight, right?

Headline: Tibet women's soccer team denied US travel visas

A Tibet women's soccer team has been denied U.S. visas to participate in a tournament in Dallas.

Cassie Childers, a coach and executive director for Tibet Women's Soccer, said that 16 members of the team were told at the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi, India, that they "have no good reason to visit the U.S.," during their visit on Feb. 24. They were seeking travel visas to participate in the Dallas Cup soccer tournament scheduled to take place April 9-16

Childers, who is from New Jersey, said in an email from India that embassy officials did not glance at the documents nor provide any other reasons or explanations.



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