Saturday, March 11, 2017

03/10/17 #RetailStocks Chart $XRT

Economic Activity Composite's slowing intermediate term trend suggests not only slowing US growth amid global economic slowdown but also a US stock rally driven more by capital flow (global money flows) than economic 'fundamentals'. The resulting cycle inversion, a violation of many of the 'rules' and theories taught by investment and finance, means the majority investors will be under weight stocks for the bulk of the rally.

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Headline: Store closures prove retail's bubble has 'burst,' says Urban Outfitters CEO

Urban Outfitters isn't in any rush to sign leases on new stores.

Instead, as the company's two largest brands have reached what CEO Richard Hayne considers the optimal number of U.S. locations, he's waiting patiently for the right space to become available. Until that time, the retailer will hold off on any making any plans to relocate some of its Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie stores, or open additional Free People shops.

"It makes little sense to enter into many new, long-term leases at this time when all signs indicate that a similar lease will be less expensive in the near future," Hayne said on the company's fiscal fourth-quarter earnings call.



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