Thursday, February 2, 2017

Wall Street Is Worried About Respect For The Rule of Law

America still waiting for its Presidents to act Presidential. Although, violence originating from 'demostrators' wearing black and hooded sweatshirts suggests planning and, possibly, financial backing by deeper pockets, it doesn't need to be escalated by threats withdrawal of federal funds even before the dust settles. As I have said before, Wall Street is growing increasing worried about the preservation of the rule of law under the Trump Administration. At least the perception of calm and respect for the rule of law from leadership would allow for social evolution without disrupting global capital flows. Wall Street, worried about both, concentrates more on the latter.

Headline: Trump threatens UC Berkeley with funds cut after Breitbart editor's speech is canceled following riot

President Donald Trump threatened the University of California, Berkeley with a cut in federal funding after the school canceled a Breitbart editor's speech amid violent protests.



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