Tuesday, February 7, 2017

French Politics and German Economy Pressuring The #Euro

Le Pen, riding a similar wave of nationalism and frustration of representation of "We the People" in French politics that unexpectedly swept Trump into the White House, is surging in the polls. Le Penn's anti-Euro platform recommends not only leaving the EU but also restricting immigration through tighter immigration controls. The latter, a restriction of freedom of movement unfolding throughout the continent of Europe, represents continuation of a trend from cooperation and tolerance to separation and intolerance (finger-pointing and nationalization) rapidly infecting the planet. The feeling in France is that those that standing with Le Penn, a movement similar to Make America Great Again, are patriotic.

Meanwhile, the German economy, the heart of the EU growth engine, continue to decay towards contraction. This trend will soon find the majority searching for someone with all the 'right' answers. Society is entering a vulnerable period in which charismatic leaders, not necessary Le Penn, prey on real and illusionary fears to further private agendas.

Those following the Euro in terms of price, leverage, and energy, the unbiased messaged of the market, are not surprised.

Headline: GLOBAL MARKETS-Euro, European bonds unnerved by French political jitters

LONDON, Feb 7 (Reuters) - European financial markets struggled with growing economic and political concerns on Tuesday as the euro neared its biggest fall this year and bond yield spreads over Germany reaching the widest in several years.

The dollar sped higher toward its biggest gain in a month against a basket of major currencies after jumping against the offshore Chinese yuan on the fall in Beijing's foreign exchange reserves below $3 trillion for the first time in six years.



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