Friday, February 3, 2017

Best of Luck With The Wall

Completion of a wall on the Mexican border will take not only billions of dollars but years to complete. It's most likely a task that requires multiple Administrations to oversee and test the public's patience during election years.

Best of Luck With The Wall

Video: Best of Luck With the Wall

What does the southern border of the United States look like?

For all the talk of “securing the border” and “building a wall,” there is surprisingly little visual material that conveys just how vast this stretch of space is.

In total, the U.S.-Mexico border spans 1,954 miles. According to Google Maps, it would take 34 hours to drive its entire length. In places, there already is a border fence — more than 650 miles of it. Pushed and pulled by various forces, some 1 million people are estimated to pass through the official ports of entry every day.



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