Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Trump's Press Conference Worries Markets

Some will cheer Trump's beat down of the press as a great achievement. This is opinion. Stocks and bonds reaction of volatility reflects growing uncertainty (confidence) within the investment world. This is fact. One thing is certain. The majority is beginning to recognize the growing division within the American population. While some view conflict as a good thing, it will carry a heavy price when the global economy turns down with force in 2017. It always does.

Welcome to a new era of growing uncertainty and failing confidence of global governance. This will send capital fleeing to the relative safety of the US Dollar regardless of planners belief they can control everything.  The public will realize this when a simple border tax solves nothing.

Headline: Donald Trump Holds Press Conference - Live Analysis

President-elect, in first press conference since July, will face questions about business dealings and Russia ties.



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