Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Taxes Designed To Save Us From Ourselves Funding Public Sector

The 'attack' of the public sector on the private sector (citizens) will intensify as local and state budgetary holes expand as the global economy contracts. While news stories like these will be fodder for social media debate, they will grow in significance as laws to protect us from ourselves grow more invasive. The drive to protect the public sector and its perks is strong within both parties. The public's unexpected support of Trump, a non-career politicians, suggests they recognize the growing problem at least on some level.

Headline: A Mich. man left his car running in his girlfriend’s driveway. Now he’s facing a $128 parking ticket

It was a chilly Midwestern morning when a Michigan man named Taylor Trupiano, 24, kept his car running in his girlfriend’s driveway in Roseville, Mich. Leaving the keys in the ignition, he ducked into her house. He was there, Trupiano said, only to deliver diapers for his girlfriend’s 2-year-old son before jotting back out again.

“I was in and out in probably about seven, eight minutes,” Trupiano said to Detroit’s ABC 7 News.



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