Saturday, January 28, 2017

It's Not A Muslin Ban, But The Public Preceives It To Be #NoMuslinBan

Unintended consequences of official policies and/or laws are rarely considered until they arrive in the form of social and economic pain for the public (majority). Then the debate begins, usually in a panic as all hell breaks loose.
EVEN when desperate, Wall Street bankers are not given to grovelling. But in June 1930 Thomas Lamont, a partner at J.P. Morgan, came close. “I almost went down on my knees to beg Herbert Hoover to veto the asinine Hawley-Smoot Tariff,” he recalled. “That Act intensified nationalism all over the world.”, The Battle of Smoot-Hawley, The Economist

Isolationism is not the answer, the majority of Americans, decedents of immigrants inherently know it, but we seem destined to repeat history because politicians follow election 'mandates' more than common sense.

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BREAKING: Amid protests & legal challenge, Trump says executive order signed Fri. is "not a Muslim ban" and it is "working out very nicely"



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