Monday, January 30, 2017

How Many Rights And Freedoms Would You Sacrifice For the Illusion of Safety?

Many have come to believe that America must walk the path of isolationism in order to make it great again. Isolationism, however, carries a hefty price tag in a world dependent on globalization for innovation, invention, commerce, and personal rights. As I have said before, humans appear to be hardwired to repeat history for little more than our acceptance of allowing our leaders follow election 'mandates' or divine providence more than common sense. I offer up the follow video to interject some much needed common sense since I seriously doubt many Americans could finger Thomas Paine's contribution to American history.

How many rights and freedoms would you sacrifice for the illusion of safety? Is the world safer or more dangerous if all citizens of the world enjoy them?

If and when I die falling out of bed, I can guarantee few will care. Yet, if by chance, there's a terrorist lying on the floor where I fall, I might be considered an American hero by today's standards. Where's the common sense?

Video: More Likely To Die From Wind than Terrorist-Related Incident


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