Saturday, January 14, 2017

Higher Taxes Coming To Broke Municipalities Near Us

Politicians are crafting laws to save us from ourselves are crafting laws such as the soda tax to covertly protect what's owed to them. Worse yet, when the new taxes backfire, i.e. the public finally recognizes the rising costs and declining standard of livings associated with new taxes, politicians point fingers of blame at everyone but themselves. Yet despite the debacle unfolding in Philadelphia, numerous other cities including Illinois are actively considering adding it to support ailing public coffers.

Trump unexpected rise to power suggests that the majority, even if silent in the face of progressive pressure, is growing tired of sacrificing their standard of living for socialism and/or bigger government.

Headline: Retailers Blame Soda Tax; Mayor Kenney Responds With Harsh Words

CITY HALL (CBS) — Philadelphia shoppers have been finding steep surcharges on grocery bills since the sweetened beverage tax kicked in, but Mayor Jim Kenney describes some of it as “gouging” by retailers who want to make customers angry about the tax.

Signs went up in stores and on vending machines telling customers price hikes were part of the beverage tax, receipts were programmed to charge the tax as a separate line item, it was applied to items that weren’t taxed and retailers blamed the complex process of passing the tax along.



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