Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Currency Traders Recognize That Europe Is Breaking Apart

Europe is primed for a breakup because EU leadership has good too far in restricting member rights. Leaders in Brussels see Europe as a single country to be managing rather than specialized regions, States, and/or countries with the own specific political, social, and economic cultures. The EU, once conceived/sold on economic principles, has become a political union that's sacrificing regional sovereignty and culture. History has tried these types of forced unions with disastrous results.

Others will leave the EU either by choice or force of the invisible hand. Neither will be easy for its citizens because the majority is always wrong about timing.

Headline: Donald Trump takes swipe at EU as ‘vehicle for Germany’

Donald Trump has taken his strongest swipe yet at the EU, labelling it “a vehicle for Germany” and predicting that other countries will follow Britain in leaving the bloc.

The president-elect also warned that his trust for Angela Merkel “may not last long at all”, ranking the German chancellor alongside Vladimir Putin as a potentially problematic ally.



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