Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Change In European Leadership Brought By Internal Rather Than External Forces

European leadership, inflexible and out-of-touch with principles such as freedom and liberty, have and will continue to meddle with European elections more than any Russian subversion plot could ever dream of accomplishing. The process of scapegoating failure, the blaming the Russians nearly uncontrollable events within the digital age, appears to the preferred tactic to distract the public. The real question is anyone listening?

The public, scorched by years of failed predictions such as negative interest rates and rising taxes will reverse the economic decline and support failing federal and state budgets without impacting standard of livings and hope for the future, is no longer paying attention. Trump unexpected rise to the President confirms it. Wild claims of better life through the majority's sacrifice while a select minority escapes relatively untouched no longer work.

People realize to varying degrees that policies of zero interest rates, quantitative easing (QE), and austerity have no exit in real life. Governments and central banks have been big buyers of debt since 2008. If they try to reverse this trend, sell rather than buy, there will be no bids. The illusion Russian subversion or similar scapegoating to an 'evil adversary' ends rather quickly during the ill-liquidity of a sovereign debt crisis.  It will be hard to blame Russia for huge credit market losses that will quickly infect pension funds and retirement accounts across the globe.  

Headline: Biden says Russia is sure to meddle in European elections

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, in his last major speech before leaving office, described Russia on Wednesday as the biggest threat to the international liberal order and said Moscow would try to influence looming elections in Europe as it is accused of doing in the United States.

"Under President Putin, Russia is working with every tool available to them to whittle away at the edges of the European project, test the fault lines of western nations and return to a politics defined by spheres of influence," Biden told the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos.



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