Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Greatest Treat to Euro: Invisible Hand and Human Ego

The greatest threat to the Euro, a reality that obviously alludes the Wall Street Journal, is its structure. The European union, loosely bound by rules from Brussels, lacks a common debt, language, and culture among its members. The flow of money from Europe to the United States, a trend picked up by the Matrix, will continue because smart money recognizes these flaws that will ultimately lead to its dissolution and possibly war.

Americans that either believe this doesn't matter to the United States or Trump will fix it fail to realize the invisible hand, not bureaucrats, controls capitalism.  A growing number of Americans also believe capitalism is evil, so it appears that the invisible hand will '(re)-teach' hard economic lessons lost to books and stories of previous generations.   

Headline: The Latest, Greatest Threat to the Euro: Populism

The euro has survived sovereign default, recessions, banking crises and bailouts. It may not survive populism.

In the coming year, the eurozone will host at least five elections or referendums that could bring a populist, euroskeptic party to power. In effect, the common currency is about to play multiple rounds of Russian roulette.



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