Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The End of Merkel Is Coming

I wrote months ahead of the November election results that Hillary's goose was cooked, she just doesn't know it yet. Angela Merkel, the long-time leader of Germany, is following a similar path. Her goose, raised on the farm that greeted all refugees with open arms - more as a political PR ploy than humanitarian driven, is also cooked. Like Hillary, she likely won't know it until the results of the 2017 German elections shock the world.

Headline: End of Merkel? German leader pictured MINUTES after Berlin attack as she honoured migrants

Now as calls for the 62-year-old to resign grow, opposition politicians are calling on the Christian Democrat leader to completely re-evaluate her policy on immigration.

Germany has accepted 1.1m refugees into the country with police having launched a raid this morning on a refugee camp in a disused airport in Berlin.



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