Thursday, December 22, 2016

Population Shift Towards Low Cost States And Growing At Slowest Rate Since Great Depression

America's population is growing at the lowest rate since the Great Depression. Of course, few recognize the extreme burden of socialism, the rising cost of raising a family under a backdrop of big government as the main driver of this trend.

Just follow the money. Families and individuals are fleeing high cost, big government eastern states and those with large cities of in favor of lower-cost, smaller government ones with better employment opportunities. Lower cost, smaller government states are located largely in the Western states.

The migration of capital from high- to low-cost states will deplete public coffers that fund budgets some of America's largest cities. This is adding volatile fuel to the brewing pension crisis.

Headline: Census Says U.S. Population Grew at Lowest Rate Since Great Depression This Year

The U.S. population this year grew at its lowest rate since the Great Depression, and the state of New York shrank for the first time in a decade, according to Census Bureau data released Tuesday.

An uptick in deaths, a slowdown in births and a slight drop in immigration all damped American population growth for the year ended July 1. The 0.7% increase, to 323.1 million, was the smallest on record since 1936-37, according to William...



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