Friday, December 2, 2016

Hollande Announces He Won't Run For Second Term

President Francois Holland, increasingly isolated and unpopular, announced he would not run for a second term. This signals at least a temporary decline in the popularity of socialistic policies infecting both Europe and the Americas. The French (and most of Europe), unfortunately, still face the slow decay of the Euro without structural reforms unlikely to be implement without a significant crisis and new leadership in Brussels.

Headline: French presidential race centers on 'top cop' Valls after Hollande bow-out

The focus of France's presidential election swung on to Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Friday as the possible standard bearer of the ruling Socialists following Francois Hollande's shock announcement that he would not seek a second term.

A snap opinion poll, conducted on Thursday night after Hollande stunned France with his announcement, showed that Socialist voters and French voters as a whole wanted to see Valls win the party ticket to run for president next spring.



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