Friday, December 16, 2016

11/16 #GoldShares $GDX

Gold Shares
Gold shares decline, a largely uninterrupted decline since late 2011, broke the ice of uptrend support in 2014. The destruction of liquidity, the depth of markets from declining participation as governments fight the natural flow defined by the invisible hand to save failed ideals and distorted economic theories, has traders wondering when, or worse, if the gold shares will rally again.

The unwinding of extreme optimism, the transfer of ownership in which the minority wisely fades the actions of the majority and pushes long-term cycles to negative extremes, is coming to an end. Those following the message of the market will recognize the transition long before the majority realizes that selling the rallies no longer works.

Insights tracks and deciphers the flow of sentiment, price, leverage, and time - the message of the market to define the trend in terms of the cycle of accumulation and distribution for subscribers.

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