Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Taxation of Sugar Quickly Adopted By Broke Municipalities

Taxes to save us from ourselves rather than consistent education through policies that restrict choices and fill government coffers will only fuel the rising social discontent towards local and state governments. Local and state governments, organizations that have inefficiently managed their resources for decades, need to scale back as tax revenues decline during the global economic contraction. Those that refuse or believe they cannot do this will raise taxes any way they can to maintain the status quo. Taxation of sugary drinks, a policy with clear health benefits, is yet another example of restriction of choice to save the public sector through sneaky taxation.

Headline: San Francisco just took an unprecedented stand against soda — and it should terrify Coke and Pepsi

On this week, a number of cities in the US passed measures to tax sugary soda beverages — a major victory for a movement that soda makers like Pepsi and Coca-Cola have strongly resisted.

Residents of Boulder, Colorado and three cities in the Bay Area — San Francisco, Oakland and Albany, California — all voted to implement taxes on sugary drinks on Tuesday. The California initiatives will tax sugar-sweetened beverages at a rate of 1 cent per ounce, while the Boulder tax will be 2 cents per ounce.



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