Wednesday, November 9, 2016

State and Local Governments Are Broke

Those that believe Trump represents change, better not forget the state and local budgetary holes will be driving higher taxes. Democrats and Republicans, except those that believe in smaller government (small number), will be raising taxes as the economy enters liquidation in 2017.

Again, local governments say they're raise taxes on sugar to save us from obesity. Early and persistent education on nutrition and health would do that. Raising taxes under the guise of saving us from ourselves is something the public doesn't like.

Headline: Soda taxes spread after votes in four U.S. cities

Nov 9 (Reuters) - Three California cities voted for a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages and another in Colorado was likely to follow suit, unofficial election results showed on Wednesday, as local governments' push to cut soda consumption to stem obesity gathered speed.

The votes on so-called soda taxes in San Francisco, Albany and Oakland in California and in Boulder, Colorado, came a month after the World Health Organization recommended governments impose such taxes to battle obesity, diabetes and other diet-related diseases.



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