Sunday, November 6, 2016

FBI Clears Hillary Again

The FBI, clearly divided behind the curtain on whether to protect or prosecute Hillary, recognize there's zero chance that the top Democrat would be charged ahead of the election. The public has to understand that "pay-for-play" politics of the Clinton Foundation must extend well beyond the Clintons. The public recognizes this corruption, but simply doesn't know what to do about just yet. This only happens after confidence in the public sector breaks.

Headline: FBI clears Clinton in latest email review two days before election

The FBI said on Sunday it stood by its earlier finding that no criminal charges were warranted against Democrat Hillary Clinton for using a private email server for government work, lifting a cloud over her presidential campaign two days before the U.S. election.

FBI Director James Comey made the announcement in a letter to Congress, saying the agency had worked "around the clock" to complete its review of newly discovered emails and found no reason to change its July finding.



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