Sunday, October 9, 2016

Breaking Point For GOP AND Democrats Coming

Although Trump's inappropriate and often outrageous comments make him easy target for biased media, they should not completely overshadow the action of the Clinton and Clinton foundation that suggest double-talk, misrepresentation, the selling of influence, and stench of corruption (1, 2). The public's support for Trump despite his flaws suggests recognition of the problem.

The Democrats and media, quick to demonize Trump or any other outsider sponsored by the people, refuse to look under the rug with the Clintons and the existing political structure. Why's that? Perhaps the thing they fear more than Trump is change. Change, either by cooperation or separation and discord, is the inevitable outcome of the next financial/economic crisis.

Headline: Lewd Donald Trump Tape Is a Breaking Point for Many in the G.O.P.

WASHINGTON — Republican leaders began to abandon Donald J. Trump by the dozens on Saturday after the release of a video showing him speaking of women in vulgar sexual terms, delivering a punishing blow to his campaign and plunging the party into crisis a month before the election.

Fearing that his candidacy was on the verge of undermining the entire Republican ticket next month, a group of senators and House members withdrew support for him, with some demanding that he step aside. Mr. Trump, however, vowed to stay in the race.



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