Friday, September 2, 2016

Sugar Tax Won't Stop Obesity #Taxation

A sugar tax won't stop obesity but it will help fill budgetary holes at the local and state level at least temporarily. The later, a public policy issue under the guise that government is here to help despite the inherent conflict of interest posed by taxation, assures that Philadelphia won't be the first or last to tax soda/sugar.

Common sense rarely applies to headline stories too busy trying to shape expectations and opinion they forget to check history. If legislation was an effect to tool to modify unwanted human behavior, America would be free of alcohol and alcoholism after the passing of the Prohibition Act of 1919.

Headline: Can a sugar tax stop obesity?

(CNN)What would you do to avoid paying more taxes? Legally, that is.

That question is facing soft drink manufacturers the world over -- most recently in the UK -- and will eventually become a subject for many food producers and providers as governments realize the potential to use taxes to regulate what companies put in their products.



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