Wednesday, August 3, 2016

#Trump Chances of Victory

Hollande, a hardcore socialist, has the full support of Obama, Hillary, the IMF, and the political elite. This group wants nothing more than the status quo as any disruption in the power base could threaten their gravy train, a structure of money and influence that's taken special interests decades to build. Democrats and Republican support Hillary, a politician that rose to prominence through the power of special interests, represents the status quo. Trump is clearly a wild card and unknown that could threaten it. While the public increasingly supports the ideals of third party that represents the people rather than money, it's possible that Trump Presidency will be difficult without a huge turnout and margin of victory. This is, a win so large that it cannot be influenced by hanging chads, plausible controversies, or a Supreme Court ruling. Only a sharp economic decline ahead of the November secures that.

Headline: Hollande Says Trump Excesses in U.S. Elections Make Him Sick

French President Francois Hollande expressed extreme revulsion at Donald Trump’s “excesses” in the U.S. presidential campaign and warned against the authoritarian tone adopted by the Republican nominee and billionaire reality-television celebrity.

“In the U.S., one of the world’s great democracies, maybe the greatest democracy, where democracy was born, before the French one, we see some excesses that are sickening,” Hollande said in Paris during the annual meeting with the presidential press.



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