Friday, August 5, 2016

The Death of #Socialism

In the socialist paradise in which everyone but those that work get a cut from the private sector does anyone really know where the money is going? The private sector which works hard in support of corruption and plenty of unknown, often gets mocked, shot at, and placed in harms way for its effort. The irony of socialism, a force driving the trend from cooperation to separation throughout Europe and the United States, is slowly creating a majority against immigration of any kind.

History shows us that today's leaders pointing the finger of shame towards the public will be replaced by hardliners ready to act. Rather than attacking the hardliners (Trump or similar), we should be asking why is the public increasingly supporting them.

Headline: Terrorist Suspects in Europe Got Welfare Benefits While Plotting Attacks

Belgian financial investigators looking into recent terror plots have discovered a disturbing trend: Some of the suspects were collecting welfare benefits until shortly before they carried out their attacks.



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