Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Pentagon Recognizes The Coming Breakdown of Socialism

The Pentagon recognizes the coming breakdown of socialism and all its promises - new and old (1, 2, 3) Whether or not the Pentagon is needed to contain its failure remains to be seen. Full-blown liquidation in 2017, a trigger event certain to stoke the fires of discontent across the United States, Europe, and most of the world, means we'll find out soon enough.

Headline: Pentagon preparing for mass civil breakdown

A US Department of Defense (DoD) research programme is funding universities to model the dynamics, risks and tipping points for large-scale civil unrest across the world, under the supervision of various US military agencies. The multi-million dollar programme is designed to develop immediate and long-term "warfighter-relevant insights" for senior officials and decision makers in "the defense policy community," and to inform policy implemented by "combatant commands."



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