Thursday, August 18, 2016

Merkel Continues To Double Down On Failed Immigration Policy

Dwindling public coffers in a high tax country spells trouble for Merkel. Surprisingly, she continues to double down on immigration by recommending that big companies should hire refugees, presumably to ease the burden on the State. Someone should probably ask if the refugees are qualified to be hired? Do they speak the native language or have the skills necessary to add value?

Expect social unrest to rise in Germany as the global economy weakens in 2017.

Headline: Merkel to urge chiefs of big companies to hire refugees, Bild reports

Chancellor Angela Merkel has invited executives from some of Germany's biggest listed companies to attend a summit next month where she will urge them to hire more refugees, the newspaper Bild reported on Saturday.

More than one million migrants flooded into Germany last year, and the government wants to get as many as possible into the job market, which would reduce their dependence on the state and compensate for labor shortages as the workforce ages.



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