Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Cook Suggests Patriotism Not Correlated To Tax Bill

Moot point in terms of the public and politicians. The majority tends to see fairness through the eyes of what they pay for and get. Socialism makes sure they pay a lot and get less each year. Trumps popularity within the job creation private sector, though waning because the public doesn't care about economics until jobs completely disappear, flows from his tax proposal to reduce the corporate tax rate to 15%. Reduce corporate taxes and $3 trillion would come home to stimulate the real economy. Encourage banks to lend rather than park money at the Fed, and another $2 trillion would be added. Socialism, a hungry creature within an insatiable appetite to maintain the status quo, prevents all this from happening.

Headline: Apple's Tim Cook says paying a lot in taxes isn't patriotism

Apple’s (AAPL) CEO Tim Cook fired back at critics, who say Apple isn’t paying their fair share of US taxes, in an interview with the Washington Post. Cook says the company wouldn’t bring money back from abroad unless a “fair tax rate” was put in place. Does Cook make a valid point when he says the tax rate in the US is not fair?



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