Monday, July 18, 2016

US Stock Funds Inflows Will Encourage The Majority To Buy Even More

The majority, an ill-timed chaser of price, generally buys and sells the top and bottom, respectively. This is what they do. Writing about it will never change their collective behavior.

Those following gurus rather than the message of the market will either miss the bulk of the move coming or flip their positions so many times they'll likely erode what little performance they have. Bulls buy focused bull opportunities in bull phases, bears sell focused bear opportunities in bear phases, and both reduce positions during periods of consolidation/profit-taking. The computer, a follower of the message of the market and ignorer of headlines, defines these trends for subscribers (Review of #SP500, #SP500 Chart, Review of Sentiment).

Headline: U.S. stock funds attract 1st overall inflows since April -Lipper

NEW YORK, July 14 (Reuters) - Investors charged into domestic stocks during the latest week, delivering U.S.-based stock funds their first inflows since late April, Lipper data showed on Thursday.

The funds took in $7.8 billion, according to the research service's data, which covers the seven days through July 13. The inflows into stock funds were led by heavy buying of exchange-traded funds and funds focused specifically on domestic stocks, Lipper found.



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