Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Scotland's Considering A First Class Ticket On A Sinking Ship

Scotland's dislike for Britain runs long and deep. Their emotions are clouding their economic judgment enough that they cannot recognize the sinking ship called the Euro. A deadly cocktail of inflexible leadership, harsh regulations, higher taxes, and negative interest rates is not encouraging investment but rather flight of capital from Europe. The flight of capital is hammering Italian banks which may soon require a bailout to prevent Italy from descending into chaos. Scotland anger must not blind them to risks of joining the EU.

Headline: Europeans would support Scotland joining EU – poll

A majority of people in major European economies, including Germany and France, would support an independent Scotland joining the European Union, according to a YouGov poll published on Monday.

The German arm of YouGov asked more than 8,400 people in six European countries – and one non-EU country – whether they would endorse or reject Scotland joining the EU if it separated from the rest of Britain, writes Nathalie Thomas.



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