Friday, July 15, 2016

Nice Terrorist Attack Another Step In The Fracturing of Europe

The trend from cooperation to separation is a driving force behind a series of terrorist attacks in France and big reason why Britain's quiet majority wisely voted to leave the EU despite and intense fear campaign. The move from cooperation took another big step yesterday with the attack Nice.

The European majority from France to Germany will be seeking scapegoats to deal with their economic pain as the global economy enters liquidation in 2017. History books are filled will numerous examples of this common human behavior. Terrorists, largely lead by thousands of disenfranchised Muslims living throughout Europe, could easily become the scapegoats necessary to close borders (end the Schengen agreement), reshuffle political power, and potentially justify the erosion of freedom and liberty for millions. History repeats because human behavior, the tendency to point fingers to deflect blame, is extremely constant over time.

Headline: Live updates: Truck driver attacks crowd in Nice, killing dozens

(CNN)A truck drove into a crowd at Bastille Day celebrations late Thursday in Nice, southern France, killing dozens of people.

AFP reporting at least 84 people have died French President Francois Hollande: We cannot deny that it was a terror attack Truck driver shot into crowds before plowing into people for around 1.2 miles (2 kilometers) until he was shot to death by authorities



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