Thursday, July 21, 2016

#Merkel Admits Mistake

While the average European immediately recognized the real world risks of an open door refugee policy for Europe, they were ignored by leadership looking to bolster their image and poll numbers. Nearly a year later, the once defiant leadership is beginning to admit mistake as terrorist attacks increase in frequency, social tensions and fear rise, and local economies contract under the weight of faltering tourism. Tourism will hit France, Italy, and Spain especially hard.

Headline: Merkel admits her refugee policy helped bring terrorists to Germany

Angela Merkel has admitted that she effectively invited terrorists into Germany, in a pretty stunning indictment of her own policy.

The German Chancellor told a group of supporters from her Christian Democrats party that extremists had taken their chance to slip into her country.

Tensions in Germany have soared since Merkel opened the door to Middle Eastern and African migrants seeking a better life in Europe.



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