Monday, July 11, 2016

Goldman Doesn't Like #Stocks Or #Bonds, Should You?

Goldman Sachs (GS), an organization that excels at talking up its book while hiding true intentions, doesn't like stocks or bonds right now. The invisible hand, a force that ignores even GS, describes stocks and bonds as Focused Bull Opportunities (see COT Matrix). Bulls make a living playing them - taking profits and reducing risk into the rallies until the trend transitions from FBO to consolidation/profit-taking (CP).

Headline: Goldman Sachs: Neither stocks nor bonds look good right now

Both stocks and bonds looked expensive after rallying together and were now vulnerable to a quick sell-off, Goldman Sachs said.

The market had increasingly treated the risks from the U.K. vote to exit the European Union (EU) as a negative local economic growth shock, affecting mainly Britain and Europe, but one that was likely to drive global central banks to ease further, Goldman said in a note on Monday.



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