Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Flight of Safety Capital Flows Pouring Into The United States

Money continues to pour into the United States as uncertainty rises from Europe to Asia. Flight of safety capital flows from Europe and Asia to United States are buying US stocks, real estate, and other tangible assets.  The public will recognize these flows through financial market trends that defy conventional wisdom and expectations.  For example, stocks are not suppose to rise during economic contractions.

Citizens of Europe are rightfully demanding representation to balance the dictatorial powers of those running the EU. Referendums to leave or remain is as much about economics as it is representation. Brussels desperately wants to prevent these votes.

While Britain may have voted to leave, they're working hard to reverse it. This type of inflexibility inevitable leads revolution for any society with goals and ambitions.

Headline: US outperforming, foreign money flowing in

CNBC's Bob Pisani is on the floor at the NYSE with what's moving markets this morning.



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