Friday, July 8, 2016

Coronation of #Hillary Supported By #IMF

We should be asking why Trump is so popular despite the 24/7 mainstream media bashing. While he's hardly the ideal 'Presidential' candidate, the public continues to gravitate towards him as a rejection of the establishment which includes the IMF. The IMF, a socialistic organization that 'sees' no limit to spending other people's money supported by fast talk and economic illusions, should never comment the policies of others' damaging the global economy. Rising taxes and regulations have do more to slow economic growth over decades than any campaign promise of all the Presidential candidates.

Headline: Lagarde warns Trump-style protectionism would hit world economy

The antitrade policies championed by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump risk sparking a dangerous protectionist movement that could severely damage the global economy, Christine Lagarde has warned.

Britain’s vote to leave the EU is already casting a shadow over international growth, the International Monetary Fund chief said in an interview, adding that the imposition of new trade barriers in another large economy could have ruinous effects.



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