Tuesday, July 19, 2016

#Brexit But Not Necessarily Exit

The majority's voice to leave the EU, a move to abandon ship from the sinking Euro, can't be recognized until they've officially left. Special interests, those profiting from the status quo, have plenty of influence not only in the United States but also Britain. While news of the Brexit has pushed the Pound lower intially, it will recover once the majority realizes the Euro, a currency marred by over regulation and taxation, and under representation of the people, is the problem. The Pound will recover eventually. That is, unless the will of the people is ignored.

Headline: UK High Court to hear Brexit challenge in October

A legal challenge to the Brexit process will be heard in the UK’s High Court in October, two judges said on Tuesday.

The judges have been hearing details of a challenge on whether MPs should have a vote on the invoking of Article 50, the legal mechanism in the Lisbon treaty for leaving the EU. Once invoked, the clause gives Britain a maximum two-year deadline to leave the bloc.



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