Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Political Game of Perceptions Is Changing

Trump could save a school bus of children from a fiery crash and he's still be positioned as evil and a disaster for America, while lying and selling influence would save it . Politics, a world populated by power hungry lawyers, is ruled by perception that's not longer fooling the public. We still play the game for who's benefit?

Headline: Donald Trump’s economic plan could cause a recession

Donald Trump’s economic ideas have emotional appeal to a lot of voters. But if the Republican presidential candidate won office and did everything he has pledged to do, the result would be a recession that would harm many of the Americans Trump says he wants to help.

That’s the conclusion of a new analysis by Moody’s Analytics, which found that “the economy will be significantly weaker if Mr. Trump’s economic proposals are adopted. Income will stagnate, and stock prices and real house values will decline.”



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