Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Simple As #Hillary Good #Trump Bad

The message to the public is simple, #Hillary is good, while #Trump is bad in too many ways to count. Career politicians remain in a state of denial in terms of understanding what the general public is thinking. Trump, whom has attracted more people to vote in the Republican party despite spending very little money, will likely be out-spent and fund raised by Hillary. Why doesn't mainstream media simply remind the public to take their seats in the back rows as not to interrupt the real players within society by declare Hillary the winner already.

Headline: Trump dismisses campaign fundraising deficit with Clinton

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump dismissed a huge fundraising gap with Democratic rival Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, saying he could always tap into his personal wealth if he needed more cash for the campaign.

The New York real estate magnate lagged far behind Clinton in May, raising $3.1 million to her $26 million, according to federal disclosures filed late on Monday.



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