Sunday, June 26, 2016

Scotland Seeking Second Run At Independence

The Scottish vote was rigged last time, so it's not surprising a majority of Scots favor a second run for independence; this makes a petition to force a second vote in Britain even more important for those desperately clinging to power. As said before, don't count Britain out of the EU until they leave. While it's probably, the ruling elite will fight it.

Scottish Independence would likely deprive Britain influence to its North Sea oil reserves. Independence that aligns with the Euro rather than Pound, however, is economic suicide. Hope a Scottish majority comes to recognize this before its too late.

The movement from cooperation to separation, a trend engulfing both Europe and America, favors more countries leaving the EU and its eventual disintegration. The unelected leadership's transition from the overseeing of an economic union to the federalization of Europe under dictatorial rule is simply too much for the citizens of Europe.

Headline: Poll shows surge in support for independence in Scotland: paper

Nearly 60 percent of Scots now support Scottish independence after Britain voted to leave the European Union this week, according to an opinion poll reported by a newspaper on Saturday.

The Sunday Post said 59 percent of respondents in the poll backed independence from the United Kingdom. That was sharply higher than the 45 percent of votes cast in favor of independence at a referendum in 2014 which resulted in the country staying in the UK.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said earlier on Saturday that a fresh independence referendum was possible. Many Scots voted in favor of remaining in the UK in 2014 because of concerns that breaking away might leave them outside the bloc.



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