Thursday, June 16, 2016

Referendum Campaign Suspended

Police said they were still investigating a motive for the attack. Neighbours said he was a quiet man who was friendly but appeared to be a loner. Local media said witnesses reported that the man shouted “Britain first” during the attack, but this was unconfirmed. Britain First, a far-right political party campaigning for Brexit, said the reports were “pure hearsay”. It described the attack as a “despicable crime” and added: “We are nothing to do with it.”

This simply deplorable act, the likes of which Americans can sympathize (Orlando), could very well be tied to the rising social discontent in Britain. Politicians, regardless of their beliefs, must be cautious going forward. Social tensions will escalate during full blown liquidation in 2017.

Headline: Killing of Jo Cox halts Referendum campaign

The fatal shooting of a British MP shocked the country’s political establishment on Thursday, bringing an abrupt halt to the increasingly heated campaign for next week’s referendum on UK membership of the EU.



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