Monday, June 20, 2016

Is BREXIT Even An Option?

Probably not.

The consequences of BREXIT, a collapsing EU, are likely big enough to prevent a clean vote. If a convincing REMAIN vote, an outcome generally shown as highly likely by high-profile media outlets, cannot be presented as a legitimate outcome to the public, it shouldn't surprise anyone that it will delayed or nullified. While European leaders should just let the chips fall and adapt to the will of the people, history reminds us that they generally don't without a fight.

Britons generally recognize that inclusion in the EU requires turning over their sovereignty to an unelected EU Commission.

EU Commission

Headline: Polls give boost to Cameron's fight against Brexit

The campaign to keep Britain in the European Union regained its lead in two opinion polls published on Saturday, giving a boost to Prime Minister David Cameron who is battling to avoid a historic "Out" vote in Thursday's referendum.

A third poll also showed a change in momentum in favor of the "In" camp and Cameron got the backing of a leading newspaper when the right-leaning Mail on Sunday urged its readers to vote to remain in the EU.



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