Wednesday, June 22, 2016

#Hillary Good and #Trump Bad, But Political Backdrop Is Changing

Career politicians, a group that chronically borrows with zero expectation of either repaying in constant dollars or repaying anything, should never comment on the bankrupting of America or countries they represent. They do, because their ego drives them to believe that an incapable majority requires their constant guidance.

The political backdrop, however, is changing. While Trump, a controversial figure likely not ready to lead, may not be remember as the man that changed it all, he at least represents a new expectation for all politicians that will span several generations. Career politicians will learn this lesson the 2018 mid term elections and 2020 Presidential election.

Headline: Hillary Clinton Blasts Donald Trump’s Business Record, Warns He Would ‘Bankrupt America’

COLUMBUS, Ohio—Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that the U.S. doesn’t do business the way Donald Trump does, assailing the presumptive Republican nominee’s economic policies and private-sector practices as dangerous for the country.



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