Sunday, June 26, 2016

German Breaks Ranks Saying No Rush To Severe Ties With Britain

EU elites said Britain could not survive without Europe. Now that Britain has call their bluff, Germany suggests they're in no hurry to severe ties with one of its biggest trading partners. Britain, the first to leave, will almost certainly encourage other to do so. Once Spain, Greece, Italy, or whomever leaves, the once 'containable' will quickly turn into a panic. Markets (and their trends) will be turn upside down when the majority, a day late and dollar short in terms of timing, realizes its the EU, not Britain that's in crisis. The majority of Americans think Britain's withdrawal is either an none event, or have no opinion or knowledge of the event.

Headline: EU Reaction to Brexit Suggests Divisions

BERLIN—Foreign ministers of the European Union’s six founding members on Saturday called on the U.K. to swiftly move ahead with a divorce from the EU, a call tempered by one of Europe’s most powerful politicians, German Chancellor Angela Merkel.



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