Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Better GOP? Too Late. Rising of Third Party Inevitable #ThirdParty

Too late. A growing number of Americans no longer identify with either the GOP or Democratic party. Only today's career politicians fail to recognize it. The rise of the third party will be a reality that the majority finally recognizes when liquidation hits hard and neither party knows how to fix it and the corresponding rise in social discontent without disrupting status quo (their gravy train) in 2017.

Unexpected distributions and accumulation across the COT Matrix reveals the invisible hand's attempt to discount future events. The vast majority of Americans can't see the coming change because they follow headlines rather than the message of the market.

Headline: Paul Ryan starts unveiling plan for 'better GOP'

WASHINGTON – Speaker Paul Ryan on Tuesday will start detailing policy prescriptions that are part of a positive Republican vision that he says will show Americans what the party is for, rather than focusing on what it’s against.

At an event in Washington Tuesday, he is expected to unveil recommendations drawn up by a task force of House Republicans to combat poverty and aid upward mobility. According to a task force report, they include:



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